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We've launched our new website!

Whether you’re new to Extend or a longtime partner in our fight for Israeli-Palestinian human rights, we welcome you to our streamlined new website!

Extend’s immersive programs and Israel group trips introduce you to today’s leading human rights, civil society, and political leaders in Israel-Palestine. We focus on Israeli civil society, West and East Jerusalem, Palestinian citizens of Israel, and understanding The West Bank occupation.

What YOU Get

We hope visitors, new and old alike, enjoy our informative, easy-to-navigate website we built with the help of an award-winning website agency, Lifted Logic.

As a team, we went through a thorough web design process where every word, image, layout, and color used in the website ensures users like you have the best possible web experience. Extend wanted to provide like-minded individuals with a place to engage in the work of understanding and bettering life for Israelis and Palestinians in conflict. Our new website provides access to:

  • Our bank of “Covid Talks” held over Zoom with experts in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  • Newsletter sign-up to keep up-to-date on the latest happenings
  • A simple and easy way to donate to or engage with our cause
  • A breakdown of the programs we offer
  • Our Impact Report for real details and statistics on our efforts

“Working with Extend on a new website was an exciting and educational project for our team. We’re always pleased to partner with organizations that focus on improving the world and we admire the passion their team brings to their mission.”

— Becca Stebbin, Leader of Lifted Logic’s content team

Join our efforts to help in Israel-Palestine

Feel free to explore our website for more information or contact us today for more information about our outreach and programs!

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