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Family Programs

“My family’s time with Extend gave us a fuller picture of Israel than we had before. Both the beautiful as well as heartbreaking, Israel in all of its contradictions.”

 – Yonah, Labor Organizer, Oakland, CA

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For the first time, Extend is offering family programs. On your family trip, we will bring our decade of experience to give you the meaningful, engaged trip to Israel-Palestine your family has been looking for. Whether you want us to organize two days or two weeks, reach out to Extend today. Here are four of the many reasons your time with Extend will be unlike anything else you might experience on a family trip:

Your family will meet with leading Palestinian and Israeli activists in human rights, civil society, academia, politics, journalism, and the arts. From Tel Aviv to Ramallah, Jerusalem to the South Hebron Hills, Extend’s partners are reimagining a more just Israel-Palestine. Your family will come away from your days with Extend with a nuanced understanding of the realities on the ground and the way today’s most courageous activists are working toward a shared future.

Your Extend guide is here to walk you through the difficult conversations. At a time when so many American Jewish families are struggling with how their progressive values relate to the current situation in Israel-Palestine, your Extend guide is here for the challenging family conversations. We have facilitated the tough conversations with Hillel staff, leading rabbis, academic researchers, and college students, and will bring our practiced facilitation methods to your family conversations.

Your family’s learning with Extend empowers the learning of others. When your family hires Extend, you’re supporting a non-profit whose mission is to educate American Jews about human rights realities in Israel-Palestine. Every dollar we make from family programs goes to our scholarship fund for emerging leaders who can’t otherwise afford our programs. Together, we can educate our community about the human rights reality in Israel-Palestine and build a shared movement for a better future.

Your family will join a community of American Jews seeking to help build a more just IsraelPalestine. Extend’s 800+ alumni around the world meet in person and online, including for Shabbat dinners, book clubs, and ongoing learning. When your family travels with Extend, you’re not only joining our program for the days on your trip but also joining our alumni community for a lifetime.

“Extend was a highlight of our family’s recent trip to Israel. I was nervous before participating but Benzi’s thoughtfulness and calm presence quickly allayed my anxiety and concerns. I learned so much and am grateful for the opportunity.”

– Andy, Reform Synagogue Congregant, Boston Area