Extend Gala

Extend’s 2021 Virtual Gala

On December 5, 2021, Extend celebrated eight years of raising the voices of Palestinian human rights activists within the American Jewish community. We traveled virtually to the South Hebron Hills, and were joined in conversation with Congressman Jamaal Bowman, Combatants for Peace co-founders Souli Khatib and Chen Alon, and Extend alumni who are changing the American Jewish conversation about Israel-Palestine.

Extend’s 2020 Virtual Gala

On December 6th, 2020, Extend was joined by 374 people for its first gala, How We Change: A Celebration of the Possible. In the isolating times of the Covid pandemic, we came together to celebrate the change that is possible when we encounter injustice and choose to become voices of resistance in Israel, Palestine, and beyond. We heard from some of the most influential writers, organizers, and activists on Israeli and Palestinian issues on the planet, including Peter Beinart, Fida Jiryis, Colum McCann, Jeremy Ben-Ami, Rebecca Vilkomerson, Issa Amro, Souli Khatib, and so many more. We also took a virtual tour through Israel—Palestine.

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